Battlefield Utah


This event is designed for the newest of players to the most experienced teams. There is a role here for ALL players of any style and skill level.

Players will engage in an intense mix of Special Missions and Scenario competition.

This BIG GAME will consist of Objective Missions, Sniper Challenge Missions along with capture the flag continues play.

Location: Battleball Paintball - Washington, Utah
Date: April 18th 2015

Time: Registration opens at 8:00am.
Player Briefing at 9:00am.
GAME ON AT 10:00am

Cost: $40 Pre Registration $50 The day of per player

Preregistration ends Wednesday, April 15th.

Air is provided with entry.

Preferred Side
Note to DE

GI Premium Paint

Note to DE

GI Field Paint

Note to DE


-Militia (5 per team) and Scouts (1 per team) will insert 10 minutes prior to GAME ON.

-Flags may be turned during this time by scouts and Militia ONLY.

-Center Flag = 20pts, Base/Swing Flags = 10 pts if turned in this 10 min pre-game window. Flag status checked at GAME ON.


-Every 10 minutes, at YOUR DEADBOX! Players move to orange insertion cones at 1 minute warning

Flag Points:

-Control of flags is assessed every 10 min at the beginning of the insertion, not based on duration held.

-Base flags =10 pt, Swing flags = 10 pt. Center =20 pt.

Bonus Points:

Refs will award tokens to players who demonstrate exceptional sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, or ability. Tokens are turned in at registration for points and raffle tickets or used to pay Mercenary squad.


-Downed Pilot (DP): DP must be acquired and returned to Team Base. DP cannot be killed. No time limit. There will be several DP missions throughout the event. Each DP is open to either team.

· 50 points for successfully returning the DP to YOUR base.

-VIP: A clearly marked person will be escorted from the team base, to a designated area within 30 min.

The “designated area” will be one of the two swing bases, determined by “pick a hand”.

· 50 points for successful completion

· VIP cannot be shot while being escorted.

· VIP will not move without physical direction.

· VIP can’t be captured by opposing team.

-SPY: One player from each team will be chosen as a spy (by the general) and issued a spy card. The spy will be placed on the opposing team with the appropriate team markings.

· Suspected players can only be questioned by the General, in the presence of the base ref.

· If the Spy is caught, he will surrender his spy card, worth 50 points.

· If the accused player is not the spy, the team will be penalized 25 points.

· If caught, the spy will be re-marked, and placed back on his own team to continue as a normal player.

Final battle: Final Battle will be the last 30 minutes of the game. Only the center flag will be in play.



-Flag points are assessed every 10 minutes at the insertion, rather than for duration of time held.

-Center Flag has a control radius of 5 paces. Players have 10 seconds to enter the radius and make their color change. Any player who remains within the control radius for more than ten seconds is eliminated. The team controlling the center flag will receive 20 points at the beginning of each insertion.

-Base Flags and Swing Flags are worth 10 points at the beginning of each insertion.

* The center flag is not an actual “flag.” It is a “flip-stick” which is basically a broom stick with two colors painted on it that gets flipped and stuck in a piece of pipe to expose one teams color.


-Downed Pilot: Several downed pilot missions will be run over the course of the game. These missions will be clearly marked by smoke signal. Teams who retrieve the downed pilot and return “him” to their base/base ref will receive 50 points. Each DP mission will be open to both teams.

-Spy: One spy will be chosen by each team’s General. That teams Spy will only be known to 4 of the DE Staff. The Spy will be registered and placed on the opposing team’s side appropriately marked. Each spy will be issued a “Spy card”. If a player is suspected of being a spy, he will (ONLY in the presence of the base Ref) be asked, by the General, if he is the opposing teams Spy. If he is the Spy, he MUST present his Spy card to the General. That card is worth 50 points. If the General is wrong in his accusation, he will be panelized 25 points.
When a Spy has been discovered, he will be re-marked and placed on his own team as a normal player.

-Scouts: Each team will have 1 Scout who is allowed to enter the field 10 min before the start of the game. The scout should focus on controlling the flags and strategic areas of the field. Control of the flags will be assessed at Game On, not time duration.

-VIP Escort: A clearly marked (obnoxiously decorated) person will be escorted from the assigned Team’s Deadbox to one swing base within 30 minutes. The swing base will be determined at random by “pick a hand.” The VIP cannot be shot, and will only move if physically influenced to do so. Teams who successfully escort the VIP will receive 50 points. Both teams will be given the chance to complete this objective.

-Final Battle: Last 30 minutes of the game. Only the center flag will be in play.

-Sportsmanship bonus: Refs will award tokens to players that show exceptional sportsmanship, make awesome plays, etc. These tokens are returned to the registration desk in exchange for points, and raffle tickets.


-Field Paint Only!

-Masks and barrel plugs are required!

-Chrono limit = 285 fps.

-Hits: One dime size break anywhere on person, gun and equipment hits count. Players wearing ghilli suits must count all bounces as breaks.

-Special Weapons: Grenades = any size splatter counts as an elimination. Rocket launchers = 10 ft kill zone. A Ref must see the rocket hit. Rockets cannot be fired directly at a person. If a Rocket hits a person, the shooter of the rocket will be eliminated. Nothing may be placed on the playing field before the start of the game.

-Hot reinsert = two separate insertion points will be provided.

-Wiping = Ejection from event with no refund!

-The referees are free to make any sportsmanship calls, or issue points penalties, as they see fit.

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