NXE Eclipse Pod Pack

I got my new NXe 4+3+2 eclipse pod pack! My first impressions were this is one stylish pod pack; and this is NXe so it has to be great, right? I mean NXe sets the standard for pod packs.

So, on to how this thing actually performs, (because looks are nice but if it doesn't work, who cares.) The pack has room for nine pods: four main compartments with pod ejectors, three elastic compartments with velcro to hide them when not in use, as well as two more elastic holders on the outside. The pod ejectors are very nice and very simple; just a piece of elastic material on the top that pushes the pod down and into your hand. All nine of the compartments can easily fit a larger pod (such as a dye lock lid,) but are snug enough to hold a small 100 round pod tightly, so it doesn't slip, or fall out. The velcro on the pack holds tight and doesn't come undone when it is not supposed to.

The pack has four velcro waist straps that overlap in the front to keep it nice and snug. On the inside of the pack, where it rests on your back, there are three rubber balls that provide your back with support. Those three small rubber balls are my favorite thing about this great pod pack. Because of those balls you can wear this pack forever and never notice it.
This pod pack is a great addition to my gear bag and, if you are in the market for a new pod pack, it will make a great addition to yours.

-Drew Thomas