D.E. Protege

At the start of the 2007 Season, Desert Edge officially integrated a Youth division of our team. Many standards of conduct on and off the field are expected of these players of ages 18 and under. We feel this is a great way to mentor the next generation of great paintballers.

The 2011 season has been the start of a new chapter for our youth division--Desert Edge Protege.

Desert Edge's Jr team is now climbing to a new level. April 23, 2011 was the official launch of "Desert Edge -Protege". Building from the foundation established in the 2007 season with Desert Edge JR, Protege is a group of Desert Edge players under 18 years old.

Desert Edge mentors of Protege continually reinforce three core values; Sportsmanship, Responsibility and Team Work. This young team will work hard to continue the mission of Desert Edge of promoting impeccable sportsmanship, and building a reputation of their own reflecting honesty and fair paintball. Protege players are required to take responsibility by generating funds to help their parents finance their involvement in the sport. Players are required to have their own equipment, tools, and know how to maintain their equipment. As required by the team, and backed by the approval and support of their parents, the group will be held to a high standard of commitment to the team, as well as a commitment of a healthy, honorable personal lifestyle--including a minimum grade point average in their schooling.

By taking on this effort, Desert Edge feels they are shaping tomorrows community of Paintball by passing on these underrated values to these kids who are already rubbing-off on teams throughout the state.

D.E. Protege will primarily be competing at Paintball events in Utah and the surrounding region including speedball tournaments, scenario events, and pump tournaments.


D. E. Protege has many opportunities playing along side with Desert Edge to gain communication skills, work ethic, and honesty. Not to mention the new doors that are opened to get in the public view.

D. E. Protege has played along side and against their Senior Team Mentors at events such as Aliens in the Rockies, UWL, Shake 'N Bake, and the Desert Edge Scenario Series. Keep an eye out for this group. At a young age, they are already a threat to teams three times their age.

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