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Triathlon Event

Team Desert Edge Hosts 2nd annual Triathlon Event.

July 14, 2007 at the Desert Edge Team Field, we will be hosting one of the most exciting Paintball Events of the year!


This event with consist of 3 game types being played consecutively on 3 fields.

  1. Half SPPL (half the players, half the time, half the points).
  2. Classic Capture The Flag.
  3. Triad Challenge (3 teams, 3 bases and a center flag).


Because of the 3 rotating events, there's not much waiting. The day will be full of action.

The event will be based on 5 person teams (up to 3 alternate players may rotate in).


Total scores for all 3 events will determine the overall winner.


This event is fully staffed. Chance to get Awards, Free Prizes, Great Photos, and meet some of the greatest players in the state region.


Teams and Walk-ons of all skill level are welcome.

9:30am Registration, 10:30 Game on.

Cost is $20.00 per player, and BYOP!

Plenty of paint will be available for sale for $40 per case (Cryptic).

Air and Co2 fills also available on-site.


Download Release Waver Here


Please direct any questions about the event to the topic on our forum:

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