Desert Edge is pleased to announce the release of the 2010 DEEgo from Planet Eclipse. Boasting a unique scrollwork design inspired by Planet Eclipse’s own Nicky T, the DEEgo is sure to turn heads , on and off the paintball field!
Last year Planet Eclipse demonstrated their support for scenario, and woods paintball, with the introduction of the first DEEgo private label paintball marker. This year they have upped the ante even more with the release of the “Dig-E Cam” line of Distortion playing gear. Not stopping there, Eclipse has also released “Dig-E Cam” versions of their popular Etek 3 marker! Now the dedicated woodsball player can hit the field with confidence knowing that they are rocking the best playing gear on the planet!
This second DEEgo is a milestone, further demonstrating Planet Eclipse’s commitment to providing the best equipment for the competitive paintball player.
So, what is it that makes the 2010 DEEgo and Ego Ten markers so amazing on the paintball field?
To start, the 2010 Ego is the most advanced paintball maker in the world; the culmination of years of research, and engineering. The Ego Ten comes with the new Zick2 rammer, and Cure3+ bolt, to create the most consistent, smoothest shooting poppet-valve marker ever developed. Additionally, the Ego Ten has been further tuned for a quiet, smooth shot, while still capable of over 28 BPS.
Amazing smoothness, coupled with a robust design, makes the Ego Ten the most reliable, durable, and maintenance friendly marker on the planet!
Eclipse has also given the Ego Ten a larger LCD display, faster processor, new GUI software, and an LP Supply Protection System. All this, while still maintaining the Ego’s slim profile and minimal weight, shows that, to Planet Eclipse, the needs of the player come first!
Desert Edge would like to personally thank Planet Eclipse for their unparalleled support of scenario paintball, the sport in general, and the Desert Edge Team.
Desert Edge will be proudly shooting the DEEgo, Ego Ten, Geo 2, and Etek3 paintball markers this 2010 season!
See more photos on the DE FACEBOOK page.