Hells Assault


Each team will have a base flag. Base flags are worth double the amount of coins for capturing them.

There will also be 2 swing bases at the 50 yrd line of the field but on either side.

There will also be a center pole in the center of the field.
Both swing flags are worth 15 coins. Respawns will be every 15 min. Coins will be awarded to whatever team controls the fag at the time of respawn.

The base flag points are worth 30 coins at respawn if controlled by the opposing team.


Each team will also have 15 mission packs.

Mission packs are bapacks that are given out continuously to players to "Deliver" to the center pole and hung over it for coins.

Each Mission pack that is delivered to the center pole is worth 5 coins to your team. The center Reff will then collect the mission packs and have them delivered to your deadbox for redistribution.

Packs can be distributed to any player on that team either by the deadbox reff or by a team representative. It does not matter what players have the packs as long as they get issued AT the deadbox and not on the field.
Players wearing mission packs will be able to tag-in respawn AT THE DEAD BOX as long as they have the mission pack in their possession.

A player can only carry one mission pack at a time.

Mission packs cannot be stolen or "captured" and do nothing for the opposing team.

Tank Draft

The tank will be working for both teams.
Each team will receive 60 min of tank time broken up in to 10 min blocks.

Tank eliminations

Tanks can only be eliminated with a rocket. Rockets must be shot in to the target nets on the tank.


The Mercenaries are a virtual killing machine that has NO loyalty to anything but MONEY!!
Lead by Athena you will have the option to negotiate for Athena’s Mercenaries to fight with your team for an amount of time to accomplish certain objectives or just to kill for you at random.

ALL amounts, times and numbers are controlled by Athena and vary depending on her mood and availability. Be kind to her as she has the option of adjusting price on her mood.


This game is won by the team with the most coins!!

Be mindful in the game on how you use your coins as they will determine your victory or your defeat!!