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Announcing D.E. Protege

Desert Edge's Jr team is now climbing to a new level. April 23, 2011 Was the official beginning of "Desert Edge -Protege". Building from the foundation established in the 2007 season with Desert Edge JR, Protege is a group of Desert Edge players under 18 years old. This young team will work hard to continue the mission of Desert Edge of promoting impeccable sportsmanship, and building a reputation of their own of honesty and fair paintball. As required by the team, and backed by the approval and support of their parents, the group will be held to a high standard of commitment to the team, as well as a commitment of a healthy, honorable personal lifestyle--including a minimum grade point average in their schooling.

As part of continuing the work of Desert Edge in bridging the gap between all genres of paintball, D.E. Protege will be competing at Paintball events in Utah and the surrounding region including speedball tournaments, scenario events, and pump tournaments. Protege is full of young players, but they are not to be underestimated. The young team has been training for their debut as a team at the Pure Paintball 7-man Tournament, mid-May.

Below is a list of scheduled events where you can expect to see Protege performing.

May 20-21 - Pure Paintball 7-man
June 11 - Shake 'N Bake
June 25 - Triad
August 13 - Hell's Assault
September - Aliens in the Rockies

More events will be added as they are announced.

2011 Spring Roster

1- Matt Kling
2- Jordan Tryon
3- Nick Saunders
4- Marco Casteneda
5- Jackson Eager
6- Carsen Jones
7- Quinton Fisher
8- Dillon Ryser

Check out the Desert Edge Protege page to learn more about our young players.

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