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Desert Edge and Lapco have joined up to create the best barrel system ever!

FUSE Barrel Features:

8 inch control bore

Reverse threaded tip so that you can unscrew the whole barrel without also loosening the tip. Useful for pump players where the pump handle makes removing barrel backs difficult.

FUSE backs sized in .680, .683, .687, .691

Compatible with Planet Eclipse Shaft 4 backs and tips

Eclipse backs available in .681, .685, .689, .693

Combine with a full eclipse kit for a total of 7 backs

14 inches long with tip

12 inch tip coming soon…

One piece kit also coming…

Five rows of progressive two-step porting.

Quiet, and cleans out very well.

Minimal excess material for a light weight, but strong barrel that is thin enough to not interfere with pump handles.

Barrel fluting reduces weight, helps porting clean out better, and is a useful grip surface for removing the barrel.

Attractive hourglass shape at middle joint, and at the back.

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