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G.I. SPORTZ inks a new sponsorship agreement with top competitive woodsball team Desert Edge. G.I. SPORTZ, an industry leader in paintball production and accessories, has assembled a short list of the best paintball teams in the world. Desert Edge is proud to join the G.I. SPORTZ family that includes professional teams such as Russian Legion, Chicago Aftershock, Damage, Ironmen, and the San Antonio based X-factor. This sponsorship marks the first time G.I. SPORTZ has sponsored a competitive woodsball team. This landmark step not only shows tremendous support for competitive woodsball, but will also help build the sport of paintball by creating a dominant footprint to support paintball in all venues of the sport.

In 2012, Desert Edge will be exclusively shooting G.I. SPORTZ paint and wearing the legendary VForce masks. Look for Desert Edge as they represent G.I.SPORTZ at UWL and NPPL events throughout the 2013 season.

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