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LAPCO Sponsors DE!

Los Angeles, California – December 27, 2011 Los Angeles Paintball Company (LAPCO) and Team Desert Edge from Salt Lake City, Utah have signed sponsorship agreement through 2013."We are proud to partner with Desert Edge and work with them to create a true crossover barrel that will work in the woods and on all arena type fields. Look for some special LAPCO
Gold / Desert Edge products to be released in 2012." -Sergey Levkov

LAPCO products boast state of the art craftsmanship. Desert Edge has tapped into a paramount resource to push research & development to the limits, making sure the DE Edition LAPCO barrel will be better than expected... no matter what genre of paintball you play. “This partnership is what we have been searching for.” Dan (Team Captain) says. “LAPCO is not the new guy on the block. They are the big dogs that have made legendary barrels since 1987.” The partnership of Desert Edge and LAPCO Paintball will surly bring one of the most exciting seasons we have seen in competitive woodsball.

LAPCO has been manufacturing paintball products since 1987 and all of the products are “Made in the USA”.LAPCO only uses high-grade materials that are product specific and makes every attempt to only use minimal packaging. The use of minimal packaging helps keep the product cost down and is a sustainable effort to keep the paintball eco-footprint as small as possible. LAPCO’s world famous “Lifetime Warranty” is valid on these co-branded products. The low prices of all LAPCO products prove that high quality products can be “Made in America” and still are affordable. For more information please call us at 800-640-8085 or visit our Facebook Fan Page at:


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