PBNation Section

PBNation and Desert Edge are proud to announce their new partnership. Desert Edge is honored to now be a featured team under the Scenario section on PBNation. Within the new Desert Edge section at PBNation, find out more about the team including events, players, news, sponsors, photos and just about everything else the team is up to.


For years PBNation has served as a central hub for millions of Painball players around the world, and has grown to be the largest sports forum in the world. PBNation continues to grow, and has somehow become homes for new and veteran Paintball players alike.

Desert Edge has been busy traveling the country for Scenarios, Tournaments of just about every type of venue in the sport of Paintball. Desert Edge and PBNation unite in bridging the gap between the different forms of Paintball in the cause to promote and grow the sport globally.

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