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I first played paintball years ago (1986). My dad and I got some of our friends and paid to be taken out to the mountains, given those old 10 round Splatmasters and play elimination. That awesome experience has stuck with me and is something that contributes to the love I have today for the sport.

My brother Dan is roped me into paintball. He tried to get me out for years. I finally made it out once, and have never stopped since. Other than paintball, I enjoy riding Harleys, wakeboarding, guitar and movies. I work as an Architectural 3d modeler, designer, and illustrator at VCBO Architecture. I also do adjunct teaching in the Architecture department at SLCC.

I've been around so long that my first version of this sport involved throwing rocks. Of course that ended when I knocked my best friend out of a tree with a well-aimed throw, and he broke his arm in the fall. We then moved on to BB guns. Yes, we wore safety goggles. From there it was rim-fire and center-fire pistols and rifles. We were smart enough to not aim those at each other. One of my sons introduced me to paintball in 2005, and I've been throwing paint (LOTS of it!) ever since. Definitely a lot safer than the 'sports' I used to play! When my kids and I aren't playing paintball, I run an ATV repair and manufacturing company.

I first played paintball in '95 in Rhode Island and got a tick. I remember having fun, but didn't play again until about '00. After that (not so great) experience, I didn't play again until '05 when I attended a big scenario with some friends from work. Playing outdoors with folks I know turned me into a junkie and I haven't stopped playing at any opportunity since. Making the DE team has been the highlight of playing so far. I am currently employed as a vending machine repair tech and love what I do. I get to think for myself, work good hours, and I get weekends off. My other hobbies include playing Legos with my six-year-old son, hanging out with my wife, and fooling around on computers. I'm hoping to make a big contribution to the world of paintball by being a member of one of the premiere teams in Utah.

Born and raised in Melbourne, FL moved to Utah in 2000 to go to school.
Married with 1 child that keeps me more than busy.

Iím a high-end computer geek, focusing on Open Source, and Enterprise Financial Applications. Started with slingshot paintball in high school, learned to play in the Western Washington forests. I enjoy playing Dagger and Sabre style play, always pushing the front lines hard.

I love playing paintball, but I probably spend too much time playing rugby and could use some extra time sharpening my paintball skills. I have a beautiful family consisting of one kid and one wife who enjoy the outdoors.

My name is Steven Manuel, I am 28 years old and I've been playing paintball for 12 years now. I've seen the sport evolve from the glory days of woodsball where patience and tactics won the day, into the fast and the furious times of speedball where BPS and electronic markers rule the day. I first started playing in the cactus and tumbleweeds of the Arizona desert with a rented F2 Illustrator. Now I usually roll with my WGP Karnivor for woodsball and a trusty Bob Long Ripper 2 for the occasional forays onto the speedball fields. Its been a long strange ride with friends and experiences that I wouldn't trade for the world.

My first game of paintball was in an indoor arena for a friends thirteenth birthday party. I had fun, but I remember thinking that it was too expensive. In 1999, when I was sixteen, another friend from school invited me to come play with him and his regular group of friends out in the woods. I was instantly hooked and soon purchased my own equipment. I have been playing regularly ever since. In 2007 I was given the opportunity to try out for team Desert Edge. Playing on this team has been a priviledge, and a source for some of the best experiences I have had in this sport.

I got into paintball a few years ago after my brother tried for years to get me to go. The first time I went I fell in love with the game, and the rest is history.

I have been playing since my 10th grade year in high school. I stopped for about two years until my friend got me back into the sport. We were playing at the DE field when Danger Dan and T-bone asked me to tryout for the team. I said "yes," and have not looked back since. I have always loved playing paintball, and now that Iím on the team I love it that much more.

I started playing paintball right before my 16th birthday and I have been hooked ever since. My mother told me I could never buy a paintball gun, so I tricked her. I was working on getting my Eagle Scout Award at the time, and I asked her if I got my eagle, could I buy anything I wanted; she agreed. So once I got the award, I purchased a Spyder marker. Boy have I come a long way since then. I began Trying out for DE when Danger Dan approached me at a team practice in 2007. A short time later I was invited to join the team and never looked back since. I love playing with DE in the front lines, and ripping the Ego (best gun ever made.)

I played my first game of paintball when I was fourteen. My brother and I rented two markers and 500 paintballs between us. We spent the afternoon in the backyard shooting at each other. I was the only one to have a paintball break on him and it was on my foot. The next time I played was one year later with a bunch of friends up the canyon. I was hooked. I received my first marker, a Spyder Victor II, for Christmas that year. I started playing every opportunity I could, which at the time was once a month. We started playing as a team, and I started developing my skills and becoming a better player. Although the rest of my friends stopped playing as often, I started playing more and more until I was playing every single week and sometimes more than once a week. I started playing scenario games and organized a new team with some other players that I had met. In June of 2008 I tried out for Desert Edge and I joined the team officially that July. I love playing for Desert Edge with my Planet Eclipse Ego marker, and haven't looked back since.

I first went paintballing with my church in the fall of 2004. After that, I played a couple of times using rental equipment before purchasing my first Spyder. In the spring of 2006 I got really into playing and bought an A5. Since then I have slowly upgraded guns, and gotten more addicted. I joined the Jr team in the spring of 2008 but have since turned 18 and moved up. I now play pump in most games, but will soon mow faces with an Ego9.

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