Scouting Event 2011

Team Desert Edge is scouting for recruits!


Desert Edge Island Field 7 am May 28th 7 am

UXP Paintball June 4th 7 am

Desert Edge is one of the most recognized and heavily sponsored paintball teams in the world. The team is hosting their first ever Open Scouting Event; a two-session event that will give players a chance to play with and against many Desert Edge players. This is not a one-on-one test with an audience watching and judging. Players interested in being scouted by the team will have two chances to show their willingness to work hard as a team. One event will be held on an indoor air-ball field, the other at the Island Field--a heavily wooded field built and laid out for the UWL format.

We are primarily a competitive woodsball team but pride ourselves in the fact that we are PAINTBALLERS, and do not believe in the separation of styles.

We are looking for players that can drop the ego (no, not the gun) and can catch our vision of accomplishing things as a team.

1. MUST HAVE IMPECCABLE SPORTSMANSHIP AND A GOOD ATTITUDE! This is a REQUIREMENT. We do not want or accept players who do not value sportsmanship over everything else.
2. Dedication!!!!
3. Willingness to step up and contribute to the building of this team on and off the field.
4. Must have transportation
5. Must have your own equipment.
6. Must be able to afford practice and events. We play a lot and this is not a cheap sport.

That’s it! It's not about how long have you played, or if you have the best gun! We want dedicated players who love the sport and are dedicated to sportsmanship!

Some Team Information:

Team Desert Edge was formed in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Desert Edge has a long history of competing at the highest level of play but maintaining impeccable sportsmanship We are an aggressive team that practices and plays hard. The team focus is the UWL (Ultimate Woodsball League), but we strive to make our mark across the country in many different events. Desert Edge has been featured in several of the national PB magazines and has some of the most respected names in PB as our sponsors. We travel all over the US for games and have made great friends across the country in the process. We have a lot of requirements to be a part of this team and that is what makes this team strong. Our dedication to the team and the sport is what keeps us growing and our reputation strong. Although we are looking for serious players who are ready to take their own skill, and push the whole team to take their skill to a higher level, there are no superstars on our team. We work as a team, and we win as a team.

If you are interested in getting more information about this event or joining Team Desert Edge please email or call:

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it / 801-872-3455

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