DATE: June 23, 2012
TIME: Registration opens at 8:00am, Game on at 10:00!

COST: $35 Pre Registration and $45 at the field the day of.

Field Paint Only! All day AIR will be provided. Paint, CO2 and Lunch available on site for purchase.

Teams will be determined at registration.

The Triad format has been adjusted to create more exciting battles and tactical options for players.

From now on the Triad will be a 3 flag 2 team format.

This format is for all players both on a team or walk-on players of all skills and all ages. Come experience the excitement of the second event in the 2012 Desert Edge Scenario Series - the TRIAD!!

Stay tuned for more information on what is sure to be The best Triad ever, and one of the most exciting events of the year!!

Pre-Register Here:

Pre-Registration Includes T-Shirt

Pre-Order Field Grade Paint - $45:
Pre-Order Premium Grade Paint - $55:
Pre-Order Rental Equipment - $10:

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